Is it free ?

Yes, Market Carrot is free for investors.

Is it secure?

We work with one of the leading financial account aggregation firms in the nation. They adhere to best practices and count the nation's largest financial institutions as their customers. Market Carrot does not store your financial institution's log-in information on our servers.

Is the sign up process quick and easy?

It takes an average of two minutes to sign up with Market Carrot. The time to finish the process depends on how many accounts you are adding.

How can Market Carrot help me find an investment advisor?

Our "Find an Advisor" feature and "Easy 1-2-3 Advisor Connect" program makes it easy for you to search for and find a financial advisor near you. View the advisor's profile and ask them any question related to your finances. They will be happy to respond.

What is the "Easy 1-2-3 Advisor Connect" program?

In the hectic world of today, many people are just too busy to meet up with a financial advisor. The Easy 1-2-3 Connect program was designed to simplify the process. Q&As are the focus here. Feel free to ask your advisor anything related to your finances. At no time during this process, will a financial advisor be able to contact you outside of Market Carrot. You will remain anonymous until you give an advisor permission to view your contact info.