We are an investment account portfolio tracker and our goal is to help Main Street investors get a better idea of how well they are investing their money. We believe that there are three major kinds of investors, and we aim to be an all-inclusive provider of services to help investors improve their results.

The Do-it-yourselfers

You have the time to do your own research and the confidence to make your own investment decisions.

Market Carrot offers advance stats to help you analyze your portfolio's performance, as well as comparison features to let you know how well you are doing versus other investors.

The Efficient Market Crowd

You believe the market is efficient(i.e. nobody can consistently beat the market), and thus, the wisest strategy is to buy a low-cost index fund.

Our Market Carrot automated advisor is for you. With low fees comparable to what an index fund charges, we will create the perfect portfolio for you, re-balance your holdings when necessary and maximize your gains with tax-loss harvesting.

Its Complicated

You have a high net worth and your financial situation is not straightforward, requiring more personal guidance.

With Market Carrot's "Find an Advisor" feature and Easy 1-2-3 Advisor Connect program, we can help you find an experienced financial advisor who can advise you on a wide range of financial matters, as well as help you deal with all of life's financial and emotional challenges.